Focus & Scope

Focus and Scope

Welcome to the official website of the Jurnal Ilmu Kepolisian (Police Science Journal). With enthusiasm as an information medium and forum discussing issues related to the study of police science for the public, this website provides journal articles for free download. Our academic journals serve as a reference source for experts, academics, practitioners, and anyone interested in discussing and writing about police science, while communicating their ideas and thoughts with the wider community.

The Police Science Journal is published in print (p-ISSN: 2620-5025) and online (e-ISSN: 2621-8410). It is an academic journal for police science studies, published by the Indonesian Police Science College - PTIK. The journal contains various studies and reviews of scientific disciplines related to police science, including


Social Sciences


Administrative Sciences


Additionally, it includes a wide range of research and reviews on police science in a broader sense. The Police Science Journal is published periodically in April, August, and December. Approved and ready-to-publish manuscripts are regularly published on the website (with a preview), and the hardcopy version is circulated at the end of each period.