About the Journal

Journal History

Jurnal Ilmu Kepolisian, also known as Jurnal Ilmu Kepolisian (JIK) was first published in 2007 in Jakarta under the name Jurnal Ilmu Kepolisian. This edition still employs the ISSN Number (print) 0216-2536 on behalf of Bhayangkara Magazine published on May 29, 2007 as the embryo of Jurnal Ilmu Kepolisian. Then, in 2015 the name of the journal was changed to Jurnal Ilmu Kepolisian by the Governor/Head of Police Science College (STIK PTIK) Police Inspector General Dr. Rycko Amelza Dahniel, M.Sc., as the patron. The name was changed due to the fact that This name was changed due to the ratification of the Police Science nomenclature by the Director General of Higher Education of the Ministry of Education and Culture (Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education) as part of the social-humanities science family. In April 2018, The Police Science Journal is published in print (p-ISSN: 2620-5025) and online (e-ISSN: 2621-8410) in July in order to simplify and provide maximum services to contributors and readers. It is necessary to inform authors, readers and other users that since July 2022 the Jurnal Ilmu Kepolisian has upgraded the journal in the context of its management, editorial board, authors guideline as well as its DOI number.